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These Moving Tips Will Lighten Your Load

When you’re ready to move off-campus, the rental team at Houses Near BSU is your go-to company for finding a rental apartment or house that’s perfect for you. With more than 20 years of experience in the rental market, Houses Near BSU will find you a clean, safe, quality rental that’s right near Ball State. It’s hassle-free for you!

But you might feel differently about the moving process itself. Getting all of your stuff packed and prepped to move into your new digs can be quite the chore. These tips will help you get your things organized and ready to roll.

Do a pre-pack photo shoot. One of the most perplexing parts of unpacking is trying to figure out what cords went into which plugs behind the TV. Referring to your pictures will save you tons of time and frustration.

Create a toolbox for everything you’ll need. Moving day can easily become moving week when you spend just as much time looking for the packing tape and Sharpie as you do filling the boxes. Pack more efficiently with a “moving toolbox.” Stash your box cutter, tape, labeling markers and other packing supplies in one carry-all that you can tote from room to room.

Use your towels, sheets and blankets as packing materials. Bubble wrap is expensive, and most people end up buying too much or too little. Pot holders, oven mitts, and even paper and plastic grocery bags make great packing materials.

Color-code boxes. Assign a color to each room, then mark that color on the outside of each box. You’ll love the simplicity of not having to figure out which box holds what.

Use garbage bags to move clothes on hangers. Cluster groups of clothing together, then pull plastic garbage bags up from the bottom and tie them at the top using twist ties. This will allow you to hang your clothes up as soon as you arrive.

Houses Near BSU is dedicated to finding BSU students high-quality, off-campus housing at affordable prices. To start the process, call 765-717-9331 today!

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