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Make it Easy to Manage Your Time Off-Campus

Living in a dorm is fun. You make tons of new friends and share the many wonderful experiences of college life. But it does have its drawbacks: Dorms are crowded, privacy can be hard to come by and the noise makes it hard to study. That’s why many students choose to live off-campus after their freshman year.

The rental team at Houses Near BSU loves helping students find off-campus housing that’s perfect for them. They fulfill each student’s housing needs and desires. With more than 20 years of experience in the rental market, Houses Near BSU is your go-to company for finding clean, safe, quality BSU rentals near Ball State.

After you’ve moved into your new quarters, the constrictions of dorm life disappear. You’re free to march to the beat of your own drum, and the distractions of dorm life disappear. However, some students might find it a challenge to structure and balance to their days.

Good time management allows you to efficiently balance your scholastic, extracurricular and social activities. Maximize your time by taking these tips.

· Each evening, write a list of the next day’s most important activities and prioritize them carefully. Why go to the campus library to get a book only to find out that it’s already been checked out? Call ahead to see if it’s available.

· Figure out where your time actually goes. It may seem that you spend only an hour writing emails to family and friends back home, but if you measure it, those tasks might be eating up more than just 60 minutes. Compartmentalizing those undertakings lets you accomplish more of them.

· Set a time limit to each endeavor, which will prevent you from procrastinating or getting distracted.

· Create and focus on to-do lists for each goal and project.

Houses Near BSU is dedicated to finding BSU students high-quality, off-campus housing at affordable prices. To start the process, call 765-717-9331 today!

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