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Most frequently asked questions and answers:


Do you allow 6-month leases?

No.  We require a minimum lease agreement of 12 months.


Do you allow subleasing?

No, but we will work with you in the event a subleaser is needed.   We prohibit subleasing in the lease agreement.


Do you allow pets in your properties?

No. To offer highly maintained and clean living environments, we do not allow pets of any kind in our properties.


Do we have to mow the lawn?

No.  Lawn mowing service is FREE and included with all of our rental properties.


Who pays for maintenance issues?

We handle all maintenance issues that may arise.  Unless the problem is created by abuse or misuse from the tenant, we pay for all maintenance expenses.


Do your properties have off-street parking?

Yes.  All of our properties have adequate off-street parking.  Please see the property details for the specific property you are interested in.


Are utilities included in the rent?

Most of our properties are rented with the tenants responsible for their utilities.   However, some properties have some utilities included.  Please check the details of the particular property you are interested in for more information.

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